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XenoRaptor PC Game Free Download

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XenoRaptor is an Action, Sci-fi, and Adventure game for PC published by Peter Cleary in 2019. Confront the space enemies!

XenoRaptor PC Game 2019 Overview:

Take the role of a cyber dragon and face the waves of enemies in the space and try to kill them all.

XenoRaptor PC Game Free Download

The game mixes the strength of bullet hell with the talent ceiling and flexibility requirement of a first-person shooter, all during maintaining it attractive with a kind of customization possibilities. AST, EXCITING ONLINE CO-OP: Gain the power of a cyber monster and destroy hordes of rocket-propelled chainsaws either online or through LAN in this great pace, noble talent eight-player co-op twin-stick shooter.
CREATE YOUR OWN DEFENSES: Harvest ingredients from the smoking remains of your opponents and create a huge arsenal of insane weaponry. Gatling laser-guided missile launchers, bear teleporters, and deviation cannons are simply the start. All this customization isn’t only for appearance, either. Many weapons and characters build support for a large variety of powerful playstyles.
STRATEGICAL BASE: The space design armada is clever and cruel – flanking, killing, cloaking and teleporting are simply some of the methods the AI is able to do. Nevertheless, if you practice their strategies you can utilize your opponent’s protection against them. All charges have a full friendly fire, and skilled players can destroy whole fleets by deceiving them into hunting each other. HUGE BOSSES: After obliterating enough regular enemies, you’ll have to face down screen-filling death machines like the Killdozer, Bullet Devil and Terror Fortress Omega.

Features of XenoRaptor:

  • Modular weapons way; ammo type, payload size, etc.
  • A huge classification of enemies, involving melee-dependant
  • Modular ship order; hull, engine, etc
  • Multi-player, both co-op & PvP

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Pentium dual-core 2.5ghz
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

File Size: 290.14 MB

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