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Touhou Kouryudou Unconnected Marketeers Free

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Touhou Kouryudou Unconnected Marketeers is an Action, Arcade, and Adventure game for PC published by Mediascape Co., Ltd. in 2021.

Touhou Kouryudou Unconnected Marketeers PC Game 2021 Overview:

The free economy has entered Gensokyo. This is the capitalist forces at work. Be wary of the Gotokuji forces playing ability cards!

Touhou Kouryudou Unconnected Marketeers Free

We have been a fan of Oriental Projects for several years, and now we only pay attention to the situation, participate in activities, and buy peripherals. There is no doubt that Dongfang Project has been marginalized in our life. But this time the release of “Eastern Rainbow Dragon Cave” can be regarded as a feeling that people have been yearning for when they first listened to “神々が恋したphantasy”.
we generally assume that the date of our entry into the East Project is June 24th. Now that it will be another full year, we can’t help but make ourselves ponder. How long can the Oriental project last in our hearts?
But it’s good to be marginalized, and always get bored. Just like this time “Eastern Rainbow Dragon Cave”, the gameplay is still the same as the previous one, the card system? There is a little more effect, but the core gameplay of stg is still shooting at full range. Of course, we understand brother 84, and we don’t understand the stage, so let’s ask high-end players to comment.

Features of Touhou Kouryudou Unconnected Marketeers:

  • The remaining machine is not enough and it is tight → Let’s make up with a card
  • Power reduction when a hit is severe → Let’s make up for it with a card
  • Enemy barrage is inevitably tight → Let’s make up with cards
  • Not enough firepower is tight → Let’s make up with a card

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 8.x/10
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo or faster
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 compatible
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible

File Size: 504.52 MB

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