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The Mask PC Game Free Download

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The Mask is an Action, Platformer, and Adventure game for PC published by Black Pearl Software in 1996. Guide via Ipkiss’s house!

The Mask PC Game 1996 Overview:

DT and his band of rogues privately take over Edge town, a prosperous very little city wherever the nightlife revolves round the affluent patrons WHO attend the cabaret that Dorian owns and operates for the good thing about him and his servents.

The Mask PC Game Free Download

Dorian Tyrell and his gang of rogues are secretly planning to take over Edge City, a small and prosperous city where the nightlife revolves around the wealthy patrons who attend the nightclub that Dorian owns and operates for the benefit of himself and his henchmen.

The player has to navigate through Ipkiss’ apartment, a high-rent district, outside and inside the bank, the local park, inside the local prison (complete with enemies wearing stereotypical striped prison uniforms), and finally through a ritzy nightclub to fight his evil nemesis, Dorian (who is also wearing the mask). All the major bosses in the game resemble characters from the film like Mrs. Peenman, the angry landlady, along with careless repairmen Irv and Burt Ripley, who repaired Ipkiss’ vehicle.

Features of The Mask:

  • If the player runs out of health, then he returns to being Ipkiss, wearing his pajamas.
  • Many of The Mask’s moves featured in the game were based on scenes in the movie, such as the mallet (which he uses to smash the alarm clock from the first movie), the tornado, and the massive guns he pulls from his pocket during the final confrontation during the first movie, and the huge “living” horn.
  • It also features other moves, such as a sneaking move which makes The Mask invisible (his enemies do not see him), a dash move (as well as a “superwash” move where he runs at supersonic speed), and his primary attack which is a basic punch move with cartoon boxing gloves.
  • Many of those special moves (the mallet, guns, horn, etc.) use The Mask’s “Morph” power, which is replenished by power-ups. If his morph meter runs out it slowly replenishes to a smaller amount than that he started out with, much like the ammo replenishes for the main gun in Earthworm Jim.

Minimum System Requirements:

A Potato.

File Size: 1.96 MB

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