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Psycholonials PC Game Free Download

Psycholonials is an Action, Casual, and Adventure game for PC published by The Silence Mill Inc. in 2021. There are 9 chapters in total in the game!

Psycholonials PC Game 2021 Overview:

An unusual game that tells the truth of modern society, capable of seeing oneself in it as a similar person in the dark era of digital social culture.

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HOOK PC Game Free Download

HOOK is a Casual and Puzzle game for PC published by Rainbow Train in 2015. Set the orbits in their correct places to solve the puzzles!

HOOK PC Game 2015 Overview:

Use your brain in this game in order to solve your puzzles which you should place the orbits in their right places.

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Hexoscope PC Game Free Download

Hexoscope is a Casual and Puzzle game for PC published by Sometimes You in 2016. Solving chaotic puzzles with your reasoning!

Hexoscope PC Game 2015 Overview:

The chaotic combination of hexagonal Chips should be arranged from the Power Source to the Power Receiver in this game.

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My Big Sister

My Big Sister PC Game Free Download

My Big Sister is an Adventure game for PC published by GrabTheGames in 2018. This is all about a game where humor is always on!

My Big Sister PC Game 2018 Overview:

The game grows in parts which are packed with mysteries and easter eggs! Unlock various endings by tracking evidence and your gut!

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Baba Is You

Baba Is You PC Game Free Download

Baba Is You is an Adventure game for PC published by Hempuli Oy in 2019. This is a puzzle game where you will be the ruler of it!

Baba Is You PC Game 2019 Overview:

The gam is all about the level’s rules are made up of pushable pieces of text, making you able to make the rules of the game by your own.

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Rooms The Unsolvable Puzzle Download

Rooms The Unsolvable Puzzle is an Adventure, Puzzle and Casual game for PC published by HandMade Game in 2016. Find out how the rooms are!

Rooms The Unsolvable Puzzle PC Game 2016 Overview:

As you continue discovering levels, each level will be one more room that should be discovered through solving puzzles.

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7 Billion Humans

7 Billion Humans Free PC Download

7 Billion Humans is a Simulation game for PC published by Tomorrow Corporation in 2018. Ready to solve some interesting puzzles?

7 Billion Humans PC Game 2018 Overview:

This is a fun puzzle game where the puzzles are the humans in the working office and you must move them to solve them.

(v1.0.32472 Update)

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