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Slenders Woods Free Download

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Slenders Woods is a Survival Horror and Adventure game for PC published by GameHitZone in 2012. Visit the Slender man once more!

Slenders Woods PC Game 2012 Overview:

You find yourself lost in a house of an unknown creature called Slender Man. He will be trying to catch you, but you must try to survive.

Slenders Woods Free Download

Your life is the most important thing at Slenders Woods. Players have to do everything to survive this situation. Slender Man won’t let you stay in a place for more than some seconds. If you face this creature, You should action so fast and escape. Otherwise, You will be dead! Slender Man can get your life faster than you think. He has hundreds of hands with unique abilities. Players can’t use items like weapons at this game. There isn’t any item like this at all.

It’s possible to collect items like candles. Each items can be helpful in some areas. But there are items like flashlight that can be used everywhere. When you enter a new area, It’s necessary to analyze that area as well. Because Slender Man may have camped there. You will hear scary noises when you’re roaming in the environments. The musics will also scare you badly. If you can’t handle this terrible condition, Don’t get this game! Because it may cause you a heart attack!

Although Slenders Woods has been made by a small group of developers, Its gameplay is awesome. The graphics are simple too. But it can be fun for the fans of horror games.

Features of Slenders Woods:

  • Survive Slender Man with limited equipment
  • Use items like flashlight and candle as light on your way
  • Escape as fast as you can to save your life
  • Don’t stay in a environment for more than some seconds!

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP
  • CPU: Dual-core
  • Graphics: 256 MB
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Space: 200 MB

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