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Remaya Idle PC Game Free Download

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Remaya Idle is an Action, Casual and RPG game for PC published by Wurrad in 2017. A termendous adventure awaits you as a warrior!

Remaya Idle PC Game 2017 Overview:

Run, fight, collect items, upgrade your hero and continue your journey through the lands full of enemies.

Remaya Idle PC Game Free Download

Remaya Idle is a new incremental game which supports full idle and full active. Choose your way and beat the game. Good for a few days of idling (so far). Equipment system is interesting and lets you focus on certain stats for builds. I’m neutral on the potion/RNG drop system for DPS, but at least it’s different from the usual constant stream of gold. No microtransactions is a definite plus. There’s a lack of action, but it does say “Idle” right in the title. BGM or costume changes or items that let you change/max out specific equipment stats would help. Or gems to socket for bonuses. (Maybe they exist and I haven’t seen them yet?)

As most idle games use micortransactions, they tend to create a “wall” you hit while playing to buy stuff. In this one you mostly struggle (a bit) within the first run. After rebirthing you kinda idle your way to the top, while there is no need for an auto-clicker. Hardcore idle-player might miss the “idle” in the game as it mostly consists of active playing, to progress. Rebirthing always gets you significantly further so offline time is unnecessary.

NEW: Knowledge Level and Knowledge Tree. A new end game option where you can grow stronger. Reach high levels and rebirth to gain damage multiplier and knowledge points. Allocate knowledge points in knowledge tree to enhance your playing style.

Features of Remaya Idle:

  • Potions: drink potions to increase your damage.
  • Equipment: equip different types of gear to enhance your stats.
  • Books: use books to modify any item in the game, farm rare ones to become stronger.
  • Dungeons: look for the rarest type of items in the game and manipulate them to generate loot.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 92 MB available space

File Size : 20.10 MB

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