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Recon Control PC Game Free Download

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Recon Control is an Action, Strategy, and Simulation game for PC published by GrabTheGames in 2022. Challenging than the challenge!

Recon Control PC Game 2022 Overview:

To directly spot all around alert opponents. Here is not a platformer, but turn-based tactics! Therefore, we will deal with tactical and strategic matters in the game, by the way, too, but there will still be an opportunity to hop on the sizes of the cards.

Recon Control PC Game Free Download

Recon Control is a turn-based strategy and 2D platformer hybrid focused on combat. You play as a commander of the small special operations unit. Choose the right fighters for specific tasks, train them, buy equipment, and lead your unit through a set of missions to the final. Recon Control is a hardcore turn-based strategy game.
The special thing is, that the battlefield works like a 2D platformer. You command up to four soldiers mission after mission to gain control points which let you unlock the final mission. There are three operations (campaigns) with 25 different missions in total. There are dozens of weapons, armor, and items such as explosives. Most of them you need to unlock first with gold. You get gold after finishing a mission (mostly 1 or 2).
Unlocking an Item costs 1 or 2 gold, so you won’t unlock much and need to think about what to get. After unlocking equipment, you need to buy it with money before you can actually equip it. This also works as an overall progression because everything you unlocked once will stay unlocked.

Features of Recon Control:

  • Hardcore turn-based battles with plenty of interconnected game mechanics.
  • 25 missions which are divided into 3 separate campaigns.
  • Skill tree with 50 abilities. Active, passive, and secret abilities can shape your fighters for your desired play style.
  • 57 equipment items to choose from. Weapons, armor, explosives, picklocks, and more.
  • Ironman mode for experienced players or additional challenges during the second playthrough.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM

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