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Love Love School Days PC Game Free Download

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Love Love School Days is an Action, Shooter, and Adventure game for PC published by OTL GAME in 2023. Many unforeseen incidents!

Love Love School Days PC Game 2023 Overview:

Makina-chan responds to objects in a variety of ways, and the game is fascinating to replay because of its unpredictability and variety of endings. It’s also terrifyingly exhilarating to not know what will happen until you become used to it.

Love Love School Days PC Game Free Download

Brain Link, a next-generation device that synchronizes brain waves and allows users to enter the world of games, was released, and games compatible with it were released one after another. The love simulation game “Love School Days” has also announced its compatibility with this device. Finally, humans can enter the world of romantic simulation games. In addition, the heroine of this game is equipped with AI and can think for herself. The protagonist synchronizes his brain waves with the game to conquer the game, but he is unable to make the main heroine his girlfriend.

If u have developed games before or tried to create a game with unity, u might feel the game story is quite related and fun. The girl has tons of ways to jump scare / find u which is fun, never get bored of getting jump scared by her.

Features of Love Love School Days:

  • As a compromise, he decides to make the sub-character “Sabuki Makina” his girlfriend.
  • You succeeded in getting the ending of “Sabuki Makina”, but did not get to see the ending of the main heroine!
  • However, the hero tries to start the game from the beginning to challenge the main heroine again.
  • However, the hero is sent back to the game world after clearing the game by “Sakurazaki Machina” who modified the data in the game by self-learning.
  • Will the hero be able to return to the real world again?

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1+ x64
  • Processor: Intel/Amd
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia/Amd
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

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