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Hackmud PC Game Free Download

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Hackmud is a Simulation, Puzzle and RPG game for PC published by Drizzly Bear in 2016. Control everywhere with your ability which is hacking!

Hackmud PC Game 2016 Overview:

Hacking the systems which are intel-compatable with text. Doing this job, you should not trust anyone.

Hackmud PC Game Free Download

The players are free to make friends with each other. But your closest friend may be your enemy in hacking projects. The only weapon that you can use it against your enemies, Is typing!

Features of Hackmud:

  • An echo of the future
    • Encounter the denizens of the crumbling, abandoned internet of the far-future. Lonely cleaning drones pine for their absent users; malfunctioning weather networks ping each other across dead channels; strange new digital intelligences cohere and collapse in unindexed space.
  • The world of the electron and the switch
    • An intuitive retro-cyberpunk text interface inspired by classic hacking movies takes you back to an earlier vision of the internet. An original electronic soundtrack by Lena Raine and Ryan Ike gets you in the zone.
  • BINMAT Security Shell online
    • Binary Matrix – ‘BINMAT’ is hackmud’s unique PVP system. Introduced in the 2.0.0 update, this command-line strategy game is your attack vector and last line of defense. Challenging, fully scriptable and supporting up to 32 players per match, BINMAT provides a deep strategic challenge that is integrally linked to all of Hackmud’s systems – from the economy to the bonds you build with other players.
  • A digital society
    • hackmud is home to a thriving community of script-builders, code-crackers, Good Samaritans and hostile operators. Make new friends as you work together to solve complex puzzles and take part in narrative events. Discover and share clues as you draw closer to the truth that waits at the center of the network.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Free Space: 200 MB

File Size : 55.37 MB

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