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迷霧國度 傳承 Myth of Mist Legacy Free Download

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迷霧國度 傳承 Myth of Mist Legacy is an RPG, Adventure, and Strategy game for PC published by 英特衛多媒體股份有限公司Interwise Multimedia Corp. in 2022.

迷霧國度 傳承 Myth of Mist Legacy PC Game 2022 Overview:

You are the kid of a noble family encircled within the town of your time and eternity in fog. during this town, you progress between totally different factions with the aim of fighting the future Mist of Doomsday disaster.

迷霧國度 傳承 Myth of Mist Legacy Free Download

In the mist-surrounded City of Time and Eternity, you are the son of a noble family, going between various factions aiming to fight against the upcoming disaster of the Mist of Doomsday. This game is for players who love SLGs and multi-ending RPGs. Join us and write your own legend! “Myth of Mist: Legacy” is an epic fantasy game designed for CRPG and SLG lovers. You will play as an anonymous traveler in the City of Time and Eternity who goes between different factions and heroes. Apart from uncovering the mystery behind the entire world, you have to find the way to defeat the King of Mist and its monster army before the disaster of the Mist of Doomsday comes. Will you push forward with your comrades, or fight alone? It’s all up to you.

Features of 迷霧國度 傳承 Myth of Mist Legacy:

  • Multi-tier class system and free transfer from basic to advanced classes, you could learn and improve the unique skills of different classes, creating a combat style of your own.
  • A weapon matching system without restriction, Pair up various types of weapons freely to suit your taste. You could equip a machete and a musket simultaneously, or equip two swords for fast stream attack. You can even equip two shields, one for each hand!
  • Unique heroes and heroines of different species and factions. More than 20 heroes and heroines with unique portraits and exclusive skills for you to recruit to join your party. In addition, there are mercenaries who don’t belong to any specific faction.
  • A colorful adventure world for you to explore freely. Explore several areas with distinctive characteristics freely.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7sp1/8/10 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX750/Radeon RX 260
  • Storage: 4 GB available space

File Size: 1.83 GB

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